Safe Families for Children


Closing Prayer – Oct 3rd Event

Closing prayer by Pastor Geoff Bradford (Christ the King PCA) at our Radical Hospitality Event, Oct. 3, 2019:

Lord, we thank you for this evening.  Thank you for how you always flip the tables on us.  We praise you—not for the generosity of the Butterfield family, but for how they were blessed to know Hank and Tank.  For how the family in the video was blessed by having Ebony in their lives and Elijah in their home.  Thank you that this is exactly how the gospel works.  That we can’t out-give the Lord.  That we aren’t the rich ones in this room who you need now to be generous.  We are actually the poor ones in this room.  We are poor when we keep our lives and homes closed.  We are poor when we are unavailable for the disruptions that come from the Holy Spirit.  We are poor when we miss out on God’s best and instead hold onto the false promises of “me-time” and “my home is my castle.”  We are poor when we miss out on all of the promises of scripture about hospitality, love for neighbor, generosity for those in need.  Lord, tonight we are all the same.  All in need.  So I don’t pray for the rich people in this room to give of their abundance but to embrace our poverty and allow your Spirit to move us out in love for our neighbor—because we have so much to receive from you through them.

In the name of Jesus I pray,