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Join the movement to keep children safe from abuse and neglect and families together! Become a part of a Circle of Support and learn more about each volunteer role. Click the links below to complete a volunteer application.

A Host family hosts children in their home for a short period of time while a parent gets back on his or her feet. They have a two-fold ministry of caring for children and of offering themselves up to an ongoing relationship with the parent, even after a child returns home. On average, a hosting lasts for 4 weeks but can be as short as a weekend, day, or night hosting.

Volunteers must complete an application (married couples complete 1 application as a family), a background check for each person in the home over the age of 18, 3 references per applicant, complete 4.5 hours of training, an interview, and a home study.

Family Friends come alongside the host family and/or partnering parents to provide encouragement and prayer during the time of hosting which could include, but is not limited to babysitting, transportation, meals, and support.

Volunteers wanting to serve as a Family Friend must complete an application (married couples who are both wanting to serve as Family Friends (FF) must submit a separate FF application), 3 references per applicant, a background check, and 3 hours of training.

If you wish to provide overnight babysitting in your home, a Host Family application is required.

Family Coaches help facilitate visits to ensure the well-being of the children and coordinate communication among the Family Coach Supervisor, and the rest of the COS. They walk alongside parents to help them set and achieve goals, encourage them, and direct them toward resources. They also have regular meetings with staff and make notes in our online case management system.

Volunteers wanting to become a Family Coach must complete an application, background check, 6 hours of training, and an interview with the Family Coach Supervisor.

Family Coaches are considered our chapter leadership and commit to 1 year of service.

The Church Ministry Lead (ML)/or Ministry Lead team is the main communication liaison between the Safe Families agency and his or her church community. The ML is responsible for shepherding a COS, promoting the Safe Families movement at their church, and hosting regular gatherings to support one another in the shared mission of serving the families in need. The ML should empower other church members to implement activities as often as possible.  

Volunteers wanting to become Ministry Leads must complete an application, training, and submit 3 references (Please select “other” on your application. Then, type Ministry Lead.)

Ministry Leads are considered our chapter leadership and commit to 1 year of service.

Resources Friends support Host Families and Family Friends in their church with practical help like providing meals, prayer, and resources (such as cribs, diapers, clothes, and household items). They can also help with special projects like recruiting, hosting gatherings, and resource drives.

Other examples may include:

  • Therapy/counseling for couples, individuals, or children
  • Hair support services (barber, ethnic hair care support.
  • Doctors, Dentists, Nurse Practitioners willing to volunteer their services
  • Moving company services
  • Automobile repair/mechanic services
  • HR skills: interviewing and resume writing
  • Budgeting and Financial Stability Assistance

Resource Friends must submit an application, and complete a Confidentiality Agreement, if necessary. They are not required to complete training.

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